Hanjo Akhiyan De Vehde Vich In English and Punjabi

Hanju akhian de werhay wich paonde ne dhamalan
Tears dance in the garden of eyes

Hoye daade dil geer, khichi yadan ne lakeer

Sanu chan mahi gherya ae terian khayalan
I have been surrounded by your thoughts.

Seenay nal la ke teri yaad de khadonay nu
Holding the toy of your thoughts, close to my heart

aonde jaonde saah mere up wich khende ne
The coming and going breaths say to me

lagday nai akhe mere athru nadaan we
They pay no heed to me, naive tears

akhian di dahleej wich na tik ke behnde ne
They dont stay on the doorstep of the eyes

Mere athroo tap nai sakday kadi dahleej ae akhian di
My tears cant cross the step of my eyes

teri yaad da kam ae jerhi guyon waar we le gayi ae
it is the work or your thoughts, which "guyon waar" has.

Mei dol tei kasay akhian de nit daagh jigr de dhondi aan
By dropping through the eyes, how i wash the tains of the heart

jadon chan te taray hansde ne, mein kalyan beh ke rondi aan
when the moon and stars laugh, i stay alone and cry

Tera nit da wachorha mere dil nu sataonda
your permanent seperation disturbs my heart

Duur ja ke pul gayon sanu dil janiyan
After going far, you have forgotten me

wain paiyan paondian ne sadran numaniyan

Keeta ki kasoor tera das ja we dholna
How i have wronged you, tell me

apna bana ke inj chayi da nai rolna
After making one yours, you shouldnt abuse them

Luk gayo kithay rog pyar wala la ke
Where have you gone after obsessing me with love

umran da rona sadi jholi wich pa ke
Putting tears of an age in my "jholi" (literally meaning part of clothes but id think "share" is a more appropriate word).

tere bajon mere dil nu qarar naiyo aonda
Without you my heart finds no peace

Hoyon jadon da tu wakh, meri lagdi nai akh
Since you have separated, i cant sleep

la kay seenay nal mahiya tere dukhrhay mein palaan
I hold your pains close to my heart and raise them

Yadan terian de pani, mera lukhrha paye dhonde
Tears from your memories, wash my face

tenu kar kar chetay mere athroo we ronday
from remembering you, even my tears cry

Mere dil dian gallan mere dil wich rahiyan
Matters of my remain in my heart

Ae loki puchday ne te mein kee dassan
These people ask, and what can i say?

tera naa le ke meinrhay menu dendian ne saiyan
After saying your name la la la give me more lalala

Loki kehnde mennu jhalli, rowan beh ke mein akali
People call me crazy, i sit alone and cry

sukh zindagi de berhi wichon maar gaye ne chalaan
Happiness from the area of life has jumped/gone away

Tere bajon chan mahiya sune kon mere harhe
Without you who will listen to my happiness

mere dil dian hawan phul khushian de sarhay
My hearts "hawan" have forgotten the burns of happiness

Akhi hanjuwan da daira, wass chalda naii mera
The place of the tears of the eyes, my way does not go.

tu o dass enna motiyan nu keewein mein sambhalaan
Tell me how to handle these pearls

Sara sara din langay rahwan wich khalotyan
The day passes standing in the paths

khabray meri zindagi ne lang janya rondyan
Perhaps life will pass whilst crying