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    Mohan Mastana - Amb Vangu Mein Rass Gai

    If anyone's got Mohan Mastana's "Amb Vangu Mein Rass Gai" please do share. Thanks :-)
  2. Re: [Rp] A.S. Kang & Sukshinder Shinda - The Maestro [320-VBR-MP3-2013]

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    Re: trespass - bhangra re-mix album ?

    dear friend, three years after u posted this (and more than 15 years after losing my cassette), I am still searching for it

    anyone? anyone????
  4. Re: [Rp] Gurdas Maan - Legends [5 CD](Maestro Melodies IN A Milestone Collection)[320-VBR-CD-RIP]

    this is awesome. thank you very much.
  5. Re: Dr Zeus - Unda Da Influence 2003 [320-CBR-MP3][MaNn]

    thanks! i remember buying this album in london when it first came out.
  6. Re: [UMP] Dakuz Do or Die [MP3~320~CBR~1996] [Digital]

    this is a brilliant album. i had it on cassette in '96. thanks for sharing this!!

    putt jina de fauji karma walian mavan neh!
  7. Re: [UMP] Various - Uk Dhol Crusader (MP3~320~CBR~2005) (Digital)

    OMG where did u get this from, India???

    1. this album was originally released long b4 2005. more like 1995.
    2. it was just called "Dhol Crusader" and it is by Ambi Bilga
    3. the super-hit track...
  8. Re: [UMP] Tigerstyle - The Rising [By.MarJana] [320-VBR-MP3]

    balleh tere!
  9. Re: D/I/P - Room 18 [2003 Album] [Itunes 320-VBR] MP3 Download.

    thanks man!! do share their older album if u've got it!!!
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    Re: [OSB] A.S.Kang - Eternity (1999)

    thanks for this series of awesome rips! do share some bhangra albums from the early-90s, if u have any. :-)
  11. Re: Jazzy B ft Honey Singh - This Party Getting Hot - Official Full Video Song

    meinu ulti aayi
  12. Re: Ay-Ha! (feat. Sarbjeet Kaur & Billa Bakshi)-Tigerstyle [itunes rip] mp3 songs download

  13. Re: Temptasians - Breakout (2k12-320Mp3)--By DAKU

    lovely album! i love track 3!
  14. Re: Sukshinder Shinda - Mucch Khari - Official Full Video

    Mucch Khari FAIL. someone should teach him how to grow and groom a proper mucch!!!
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    Re: Metz N Trix - O.M.G [Exclusive] [iTunes]

    OMG!!!! 9 remixes!!!
  16. Re: Dj Sanj (ft. Jay Status) - Mukhada [single] ~EXCLUSIVE~ itune rip

    hey this is the bindrakhia song!! nice, thanks!
  17. Re: Legends Of Five Rivers - Best Of Punjabi Folk

    beautiful compilation. thanks so much for sharing.
  18. Re: Reena Kaur Feat. Manny Khaira - Ki Lagdi (Single)

    thanks man!
  19. Re: [DK] Tarli Digital - DigiTaal - Clean Covers (Mp3 320) - By DAKU

    on first listen, the album is a disappointment as Tarli has ditched his signature sound to sound like every other producer in the "industry". a couple of tracks in here still have the Tarli "bounce"...
  20. Re: Dj Sanj Ft Jay Status - Chugliyan - Official full video

    the ego of this guy.
  21. Re: Angrej Ali - Ajja Ajja - official full video

    she looks like auntie
  22. Re: [PB] Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - The Hidden Treasures [Music-Dr.Zeus] [2012-MP3-320-VBR]

    i still think this is a way better nusrat remix album:
  23. Re: [WwD] Pure Music Generals - Moorni Refix [iTunes-Rip]

    what on earth is this? i thought it was a remix...
  24. Re: [BiRD] Glassy Khadke [VBR-Extreme] Mp3 Songs Download

    this is an absolutely brilliant compilation. some rare gems in there. really excited to have some of these old folk songs in such high audio quality. what's with the bakwas cover and the last song?
  25. Re: [MK] Kellie Ft Kellie, Inderjit Nikku Harjit Mehndi 320 VBR

    punjabi music has sunk to new depths
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